300 picture books 12

A lovely parcel arrived for us last week- my prize from the 300 picture book giveaway. Inside was a lovely selection of book just right for mother day.


Little B seemed to like the bright colours in this one but I’m not a huge fan of the story- Dino Daddy doesn’t seem to do much and it’s very stereotypical in its depictions of Mums roles.







Love this one, gorgeous story with lovely gentle illustrations.


Love this book too! A great book for little ones heading off for their first time away from Mummy at Grannys house.


Two little mice brothers work together to find some sunflowers for their Mummy.


Little B loved the stickers and card that came with this cute little set of books. He also loved pushing the books into the little box and carrying them round the house. The books are all slightly different and each one celebrates the link between a Mum and their baby.


The little puppy in this books bound through the pages full of energy just like my favourite toddler!


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